About Us

Numeric Press Limited was created to feature the wonderful world of Mark Herman Landmark Art.   Mark Herman is an award-winning commercial graphic artist, designer and illustrator. Mark has designed logos and promotional materials for countless Fortune 500 companies in the US, including collaborations with the NFL, Nike and Coca-Cola. Mark has recently created illustrations for Delta Airlines B747 Retirement and the Turner Classic Movie Film Festival, to name a few.  His true passion is creating his own iconic graphic art - depictions of landmarks and other notable moments, people, and places from experiences that have moved him.  With a spectacular eye for color and form, Mark's art has an uncomplicated clarity.  His work explores vintage graphic styles and typography, but adheres to a modern interpretation.

Amber Senn is a recovering Wall Streeter, who spent many years as an institutional sales trader and raising capital for money managers.  She is delighted to apply her business acumen to promoting and nurturing Numeric Press LTD.

The first collection for Numeric Press, Limited - The Landmark Series | MN - by Mark Herman, is exceptionally popular in Minneapolis and for Minnesota fans everywhere.  

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